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super rad character artwork by sarakitten

Hello, and welcome to the page!

If you’re coming here fresh from Anime Central 2014, hey!  How’s it going?  I hope you enjoyed what I had going on at my booth, playing my music and sitting around and whatnot.  Thanks for walking by, grabbing a card, buying a cd, or even just standing there and chatting about whatever!

I’m planning on being at more conventions in the near future.  I’m looking into what I can do, where I can go, etc.  Hopefully next time, I’ll have another album printed, and maybe some shirt designs available as well!

The future is looking rad as heck.  Let’s keep this ball rolling.

Talk Jiggy With Me (Talk Dirty To Me VS Gettin Jiggy With It)

This is the first thing I did right after coming home from ACEN.  Woop.

I’ll be at ACEN 2014 this year, selling some CDs and digital stuff and misc odds and ends.  Come by and say hi!  Free hugs, for real!  High fives will cost extra, though.

exYSS - The Electronic Street Percussionist

Coming soon to the new exYSS album, HIKIKOMORI.  Keep your eyes peeled!

exYSS - Head Crash

new stuff.  kinda weird.  don’t know what genre it is.  14 minutes long.  give it a listen if you have the time.

I made a terrible thing with vocal tracks and Zelda music.

And Rhythm Heaven samples.

butt stunts - party in the fire and flames

a loving mashup of dragonforce, miley cyrus, linkin park, soulja boy, and others!

+VANCE - Cosmo Canyon (Fakebit Chiptune Ver.)

The RETROGRADE album prints have finally arrived at my doorstop!  They look absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get them in peoples’ hands!

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